Order an Encoder

Encoder Order Request

An encoder is a remote reading unit attached to the outside of the house/structure or Ford Box. This device allows actual reads without the owner or resident being home. The encoder is connected to the actual water meter by a private contractor. The private contractor has a contract with the City of Dayton to install the encoders for the City of Dayton Water customers.

Guidelines for Encoder Order Request

  • Tenants may not request an encoder.
  • The owner must request an encoder by filing out the Encoder Order Request Form (PDF) and return the completed form to the City of Dayton, Division of Revenue and Taxation, Billing
    101 West Third Street
    Dayton OH 45402
  • There is a $65 installation charge per meter.
  • The customer will receive a call from the private contractor's Central Installation Department within three (3) - five (5) months regarding the installation date for an encoder.
  • The $65 installation charge is not added to the account until after an encoder has been installed.
  • The encoder equipment is the property of the City of Dayton.
  • Encoder may only be used on scheduled for meter sizes 5/8" - 1." For Larger Meters, the customer must contact Water Engineering at 333-3725.
  • For questions or concerns regarding encoders, contact Customer Service at 937-333-3550.