Doing Business

  1. Bid Opportunities

    Access bids and request for proposals for consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

  2. Building Inspection

    The Division of Building Inspection is primarily responsible for the enforcement of commercial and residential building construction codes.

  3. Building Permit Forms

    Explore the City's permits, forms and applications for building services. Also includes contractor registration and bond forms.

  4. CityWide Development

    Visit the Citywide Development website to find information about business loans, housing program, neighborhood development, forms and applications, and resource center.

  5. Construction & Materials Specs

    Review the City's construction and materials specifications as determined by Civil Engineering and Water Engineering.

  6. Construction Standards

    See the departments Construction Standards / Standard Drawings.

  7. Economic Development

    Learn about strategic advantages, business resources and key industries in Dayton.

  8. Doing Business With Dayton

    Businesses and vendors interested in being included on the City of Dayton Bidders list should print out the forms linked below and return them to the City of Dayton Division of Purchasing.

  9. Fire Safety Inspections

    Want to know if your building would pass a fire safety inspection? Review our checklist.

  10. Management & Budget

    The Office of Management and Budget assists the City Manager in the allocation of fiscal, organizational, human and tangible resources for the City government.

  11. Online Permit System

    Learn who can apply for a permit online, read our payment disclaimer, and view our one stop center for our applications and permits.

  12. PEP Certification

    The Procurement Enhancement Plan (PEP) requires the City to certify, identify inclusion opportunities, and establish goals for minority, women, small, and local businesses.

  13. Plan Board Applications

    View and download City Plan Board applications.

  14. Planning Your Outdoor Event

    Get assistance with pre-application planning for your next outdoor event, festival or block party.

  15. Purchasing

    The Department of Central Services is responsible to provide internal support services to other City Departments and agencies.

  16. Small Business Advocate

    Locating or expanding your small business in the city limits? Our Small Business Advocate helps you navigate the permitting and zoning process, as well as recommends other resources.

  17. Tax & Accounting Administration

    The Division of Tax and Accounting Administration installs and supervises the accounts of all Departments and offices of the City of Dayton government.

  18. Tax Forms

    Here you can view a list of our individual and joint filers and business filers.

  19. Taxi Regulations

    See what regulations are in place within the city limits for taxi drivers and companies.

  20. Tech Town

    Visit the Tech Town website to learn about us, why tech town, our tenants, trending news, and contact information.

  21. Water Department

    View information about technical references, permits, estimates, inspections, atlas map creation, and water sampling.

  22. Zoning Appeal Process

    View the individual steps of the zoning appeal process.

  23. Zoning Code & Map

    Dayton's zoning map has been updated in conjunction with the rewriting of the Zoning Code, effective August 1, 2006 and last amended on December 21, 2011.