Surplus Property Disposition

The City of Dayton has a substantial inventory of surplus real estate properties that are underutilized assets. Surplus properties are defined as properties that have no direct impact on City of Dayton redevelopment projects or efforts. 

Over the last five years, Dayton’s economy and real estate market have benefited from a significant financial recovery, even despite the ongoing pandemic. The following strategy is designed to provide a comprehensive, fair and equitable approach to disposing of surplus parcels while demand for land is surging in Dayton.

How to Apply

  • Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements to place a bid as described in the Surplus Property Guidelines and Application.
  • Conduct a site visit – visit the property being offered for sale but do not enter the property. No potential applicant may enter a property without explicit written permission from the City of Dayton. Any individual who enters a City-owned property without permission will be considered to be trespassing and may face criminal charges.
  • Visit website to register for an account - required before any bid can be placed
  • Place bid on – all active sales will be available through GovDeals until the date the bid closes
  • The highest and best bid will be selected
    • Submit required documentation to the Department of Planning, Neighborhoods, and Development for your bid and application to be considered complete.

Additional Information

Please review the Surplus Property Guidelines and Application for additional information about surplus property disposition and the application process.

Parcels that are available for bid can be found in the Parcel & Address for First Round list.

All properties with active bids will be listed on Please review the Dayton – Real Estate Bid Deposit Instructions for additional information and guidance for placing bids on GovDeals.

Questions and Contact Information

For any additional questions, please email Ashley Hatton at