Get Involved

The mission of the Office of Sustainability is to lead City of Dayton organization and residents toward sustainability. Our goal is to encourage the practice of good environmental stewardship and build a sustainable, equitable, and resilient future for our community. By getting involved, you too can further our mission and help create a greener, more sustainable Dayton. Here are some ways to help:

Attend Local Meetings

Attending local meetings not only opens honest dialogue but effectively brings citizens and leadership together to create positive outcomes. By attending local meetings your voice can be heard and you can work in conjunction with the City of Dayton to tackle environmental issues.

Attending Environmental Advisory Board Meetings

Boards, Commissions & Committees

Join Community Advisory Groups

Behr, Valleycrest, and Valley Pike Superfund Sites

Support Local Business

Local businesses help push economic growth and the local economy. They are known to play a significant role in supporting local community charities and causes, and they help reduce carbon emissions from excessive transportation.

Local Co-Ops

Gem City Market

Fifth Street Brew Pub

Co-Op Dayton

Green Business

Reduce, Reuse, Refillery

Pink Moon Goods


Dayton Urban Green

Purchase Local Produce

Not only does sourcing locally cut down on emissions from long-distance road or air travel, but the food and beverage options are often the most delicious choice because they feature fresh, seasonal produce that has been grown with care by the local agriculture industry.

2nd Street Market


Do good for others and the community, by volunteering. There are so many ways to get involved, everyone is sure to find something that suits them.

Clean Ups

Waste Free Dayton

Living City Project

Environmental Education

Sierra Club Miami

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery


Dayton Audubon Society

Stay Informed

Receive updates on our work, as well as sustainability news and events from the community.

Dayton Regional Green

Partners for the Environment

Miami Valley Sustainability Newsletters

Get Outside

Exposure to nature makes you feel better emotionally, contributes to your physical wellbeing, and connects you to the outdoors. Connect to the environment and gain a greater appreciation for our Earth!

Five Rivers Metroparks

Carillon Historical Park

Explore the Great Miami Riverway

Plant Natives

Native plants are essential for building a sustainable ecosystem in our community. Turn your backyard into a native landscape.

Deeply Rooted Landscapes

Tadmor Greenes


Reduce Water Consumption

At Home

See what you can do at home to reduce your carbon emissions. Annual carbon dioxide savings are estimates for the described activity or an average household.

When You Do ThisYou'll Reduce CO2 by This Much Per Year
Replace 30 incandescent light bulbs with LED lamps, which use about 85 percent less energy.4,000 pounds
Recycle at least half of your household waste.,400 pounds
Set thermostats 2 degrees Fahrenheit lower in winter and 2 degrees Fahrenheit higher in summer. Heating and cooling account for half of all home energy use.2,000 pounds
Walk, ride your bike, carpool with a friend, or take mass transit whenever possible. pounds (by driving just 10 miles less per week)
Compost yard waste and food waste items. Interested in learning how to compost? Check out classes through Five Rivers Metroparks: pounds (for every pound composted)