Electric Power Aggregation

The City of Dayton electric power aggregation program has been discontinued because of changes in the electric power market. 

Participating residents and businesses received notification of the cancellation with their May 2018 power bill. 

The program was designed to allow cost savings by establishing a uniform negotiated rate for the generation portion of energy charges. 

The City established a three-year agreement with IGS effective May of 2016 (with rates negotiated yearly), but because of downward trends in power generation costs, IGS and other providers are opting to not participate in aggregation programs. 

Residents and businesses participating in the aggregation program were automatically returned to the DP&L standard service offer and had the option to shop the market to potentially contract with a supplier offering a lower price than DP&L.

For more information on selecting a supplier, call 800-686-PUCO or visit www.puco.gov. Low-income customers can seek energy assistance through the Ohio Development Services Agency at 800-282-0880.

If energy generation costs increase, the City of Dayton has the ability to restart the aggregation program. 
Electrical outlet with something being plugged in