Electric Power Aggregation

SOPEC LogoIn May, the Mayor and City Commission unanimously approved restarting our electric aggregation program. The City of Dayton has selected SOPEC, the Sustainable Ohio Public Energy Council, to procure energy for our residents. Our energy will be from 100% renewable resources, including renewable energy certificates, and we will be one of only a handful of cities in Ohio that are purchasing 100% renewable content electricity for their aggregations.

What is A Deregulated Energy Market and Electric Aggregation?

Ohio has a deregulated energy market, meaning you can choose where you buy your electricity generation. For example, you can select to purchase electricity from renewable sources or fossil fuels for your home or business. Some residents may have already selected a supplier for electricity, and you may notice marketers mailing you letters to purchase energy from them. You do not need to purchase energy from these marketers, because currently, AES Ohio (formerly DP&L), will automatically provide default electricity supply for you. Importantly, AES will continue to provide distribution of the electricity to your home or business regardless of where you purchase your electricity supply.

Electricity aggregation allows the City of Dayton to offer an aggregation program, through a supplier or council of governments, to provide electricity for all our eligible residents, non-profits, and small businesses. Electric aggregation was approved by the voters of Dayton in 2013.

The City of Dayton’s selected supplier, SOPEC, is a non-profit government agency. The City will be represented on SOPEC’s Board of Directors to oversee the procurement of energy for our residents and to advance sustainability in the state of Ohio.

What Does This Mean for You as A Resident?

As a resident or business, aggregation will have little change to your utility bill. There are two parts to a utility bill- the delivery fee and the supply fee. The delivery fee will stay the same as AES Ohio (formerly known as DP&L) will remain your electric utility. However, the supply charges will change as the City of Dayton’s aggregation provider, SOPEC, and AEP Energy, its energy supplier, will now supply your energy.

Within the next several weeks, you will receive a notice in the mail asking if you would like to opt out of the aggregation program without charge. All residents automatically will be enrolled in the program, unless you opt out. You will also have the opportunity to leave the program for free at any time if you chose. The notice will have instructions on how to opt-out.

What are the benefits, and will I see savings?

The main benefit of aggregation is the City of Dayton can achieve a more sustainable electricity supply for our residents by requiring a 100% renewable energy program content at a competitive price for our residents and businesses. Since the energy prices of suppliers and the utility’s standard default pricing change, we cannot guarantee savings. We will strive to obtain favorable pricing for the 100% renewable energy content supplied in the program.

What If I Want to Keep Using Traditional Energy (Fossil Fuels?)

If you want to be enrolled in the City’s program but would prefer to have fossil fuels, you can choose the step-down option. To enroll in this option, you will need to call the AEP Energy call center at 877-726-0214.

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

At any time, you can choose to leave the aggregation program for free.

Questions or Comments?

For any more questions or concerns, you may contact Meg Maloney in the City of Dayton Sustainability Office at meg.maloney@daytonohio.gov or the AEP Energy call center at 877-726-0214.