Preschool Promise

In 2014, I launched the City of Learners campaign in cooperation with many community partners, to focus on providing Dayton children with a quality education. Through this campaign, the community identified the high-priority need to expand high-quality preschools.

The evidence is overwhelming that too few of our children are "kindergarten-ready," and, as a result, many will struggle to succeed in school. In fact, only 20% of Dayton children are fully prepared to start school as measured by their scores on Ohio’s mandated kindergarten readiness test.
In conjunction with other government leaders, educational institutions, and thanks to the generosity and support of the City of Dayton residents, Issue 9 was passed to provide funds to make high-quality Preschool accessible to the community’s 4-year-olds. Preschool Promise is utilizing this funding to help families find and afford quality Preschool.  Funds are also being used to expand the availability of high quality Preschool.

It is critical to ensure that children start school with the foundation they need to succeed in life. Quality Preschools get children ready for Kindergarten. Preschool Promise is equipping Preschools and families with exceptional support, coaching and education. Sign up your child today or learn more at Preschool Promise.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s workforce, and we need our children to start school strong! Thank you for supporting this very important community effort.

- Mayor Nan Whaley