Illegal Dumping

It Harms Our Community!

Illegal dumping and littering are against the law. At the City of Dayton, we view illegal dumping as an inexcusable crime that pollutes our land and violates the rights of others. This unhealthy and unsightly crime harms our community in several ways:
  • Poses health risks
  • Lowers property values
  • Discourages investment
  • Attracts criminal activity
  • Encourages additional dumping
  • Costs taxpayers
  • Contaminates waterways and drinking water
There are many resources available to properly dispose of solid waste, so those who participate in illegal dumping are without excuse. Penalties for illegal dumping run up to $1,000 in fines and six months in jail.

Report Illegal Dumping

You can report illegal dumping in the following ways:

How You Can Help

Illegal dumping is everybody's problem. Make the clean and healthy choice by pitching in to keep the community clean. Here's how you can help:
  • Communicate with your neighborhood association or other organization about nearby problems.
  • Participate in alley and neighborhood clean-ups: Neighborhood Cleanup Application – Online Form.
  • Put litter in approved receptacles.
  • Take advantage of free services provided by Montgomery County Solid Waste District
  • Adopt a block, street, park or recruit volunteers; set one hour, one day each month to clean up any litter.
  • Report illegal dumping; individuals may not be directly dumping on your property, but they are dumping in your community where you and your family live, work, play and gather.
  • Schedule a Bulk Waste Pick-Up to avoid getting a ticket (items are to be set out only 24 hours before pick-up day).
  • Call Environmental Management at 333-3796 to report suspicious substances that could contaminate waterways.