About Us

The Dayton Civil Service Board was established and structured according to Section 93 through 107 of the City of Dayton Charter effective in 1914.

Primary Classes

One of the purposes of the Civil Service Board is to comply with Section 96 of the Dayton City Charter providing for appointment and employment in all positions in the classified service of City employment. This includes three (3) primary classes:
  • Competitive class - shall include all positions and employment for which it is practicable to determine the merit and fitness of applicants by competitive examination.
  • Noncompetitive class - shall consist of all positions requiring peculiar and exceptional qualifications of a scientific, managerial, professional, or educational character, as may be determined by the Rules of the Board.
  • Labor class - shall include ordinary unskilled labor.
The Board shall determine, in all cases, those positions which comprise the three aforementioned classes in the classified service.


The Civil Service Board also provides for promotions to all positions in the classified service, based on records of merit, efficiency, character, conduct and seniority, in compliance with Section 98 of the Charter.

Knowledge, skills and abilities in the performance of required duties must always be given a priority consideration whenever filling a position with the City of Dayton.

In accordance with state law, the Civil Service Board also provides for appointment and employment of Dayton Public Schools employees in non-teaching and support services positions.

The Civil Service Board conducts its activities in compliance with the Dayton City Charter, and the Civil Service Rules and Regulations approved by the City Commission. In doing so, it carries forward the idea of efficiency and impartiality in government service, recognized by the citizens of Dayton nearly a century ago to be vital to the interests of the City, into the new millennium.