Civil Engineering Contacts

Contacts Detailed

  • Traffic Signal Repair, 937-333-2400 - Maintain and install traffic signal equipment and other city owned electrical equipment in the Right of Way.
  • Traffic Operations, 937-333-3840 - Work with citizens and businesses on traffic issues to improve safety and efficiency. Examples include parking, right of way control signs, traffic volume, noise, and traffic signal timing, design and operations.
  • Street Privilege Permits, 937-333-4081 - Issue permits and inspect work performed in the public right of way including special use permits.
  • Lot and House Numbers, 937-333-3844 - Verify, assign and certify lot numbers and house addresses for new and existing developments.
  • Construction Inspections, 937-333-3840 - Manage and inspect all construction projects that occur in the public right of way, such as re-building the Stewart St Bridge and roadway resurfacing.
  • Sidewalk and Curb Repair, 937-333-3840 - Manage and inspect sidewalk and curb repair and replacement.
  • Bidding Documents and Contracts, 937-333-3803 - Responsible for preparing bidding documents, routing contracts for signature, managing insurance and bonding requirements, processing payments to contractors, interviewing employees at construction sites and monitoring prevailing wages