Construction standards 

Page Description
1-45 (PDF)
2-45 (PDF)
Street Improvements
3-45 (PDF)
Pavement Sections - Bituminous
4-45 (PDF)
Pavement Sections - Concrete
5-45 (PDF)
Joint Details - Concrete
6-45 (PDF)
Joint Layout/Reinforcing - Concrete
7-45 (PDF)
Pavement Sections - Pavers
8-45 (PDF)
Curb and Gutter Details
9-45 (PDF)
Concrete Step and Hand Rail
10-45 (PDF)
Concrete Sidewalk, Median, and Island
11-45 (PDF)
Brick Crosswalk, Alley Mouth, and Sidewalk
12-45 (PDF)
Excavation, Embankment Section, and Bus Pad
13-45 (PDF)
Conc. Construction - Manholes and Catch Basins
14-45 (PDF)
Conc. Driveway w/ Sidewalk Abutting Curb
15-45 (PDF)
Concrete Driveway
16-45 (PDF)
Concrete Alley Mouth and Pavement
17-45 (PDF)
Flared Wheelchair Ramps
18-45 (PDF)
Curb Repair - Existing Asphalt Surface Street
Street Lighting
19-45 (PDF)
Pole and Anchor Base
20-45 (PDF)
Modified Pole For 40' Mounting Height Type I, II, III, and IV
21-45 (PDF)
Pole Base
22-45 (PDF)
Pole Base and Pole Load Chart
23-45 (PDF)
Luminaire Support Arm and Attachment
24-45 (PDF)
"J-Hooks" Construction, Pole Handhole and Wire Inlet
25-45 (PDF)
Circuit Cable Connection
26-45 (PDF)
Steel Half Clamp and Simplex Cover Clamps
27-45 (PDF)
Clamp Assembly Clevis Type
28-45 (PDF)
Pullbox Detail
Traffic Signal
29-45 (PDF)
Pole Installations and Conduit Encasement
30-45 (PDF)
Pullbox Frame and Cover
31-45 (PDF)
Detector Installation, Conduit, and Conduit Riser
32-45 (PDF)
Controller Cabinet Base Details
33-45 (PDF)
Pedestrian Signal Pedestal and Parking Meter Post
Storm Sewers
34-45 (PDF)
Catch Basin Type C and Cast Iron Frame
35-45 (PDF)
Catch Basin Type E and Cast Iron Frame
36-45 (PDF)
Lamphole and Grated Lid For Catch Basin Type E
37-45 (PDF)
Cast Iron Lid and Frame For Lampholes
38-45 (PDF)
Benchmark and Centerline Monuments
Plat Construction
39-45 (PDF)
Cover Sheet
40-45 (PDF)
General Construction Notes
41-45 (PDF)
Street Improvements In Full Street Dedications
42-45 (PDF)
Street Improvements In Half Street Dedications
43-45 (PDF)
Street Imp. In Half Street Dedications and Sign Design
44-45 (PDF)
Mountable Curb Driveway and Curb Details
45-45 (PDF)
Barrier Curb and Curb Details

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