Guided Tours

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If you are interested in a tour of our water supply process, please contact Brandon Turner by email or by phone at 937-333-6093. Or submit this registration form - Water Supply Tour Form

  • Tours have to be arranged in advance.
  • Tours are given at the main plant (Miami Water Plant).
  • Sometimes operations and emergencies can lead to tour cancellations.
  • Visitor age must be at least 2nd grade.
  • All tours must be approved by our manager.
  • We need to receive the names of all tourists in advance.
  • Everyone must bring a photo ID.
  • Tour group size is limited to 20.


If your group of two or more people would like to tour the Water Reclamation Facility, you may contact Miyah Bayless at 937-333-1837 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday-Friday to arrange a mutually convenient time to get a first-hand look at the mechanical, physical and chemical processes required to transform wastewater into clean water that meets the high standards of the Ohio EPA, qualifying it for release to the Great Miami River.

You will see processes that remove grit, grease and solids from the wastewater stream, biological processes that accelerate the breakdown of wastes by microorganisms, digestion of wastewater sludge by pH and temperature control, recovery of waste gas and its transformation to usable fuel for running boilers and generating electricity, chemical disinfection of the water and the conversion of sludge into biosolids that enrich the soil for agricultural use.