Street Maintenance

The Division of Street Maintenance is charged with keeping Dayton's roads and streets clean, safe and accessible to the public. The Division maintains bridges and more than 1,700 lane miles of roadway throughout the city of Dayton through a variety of services.

If you would like to place a service request in any of the following areas, call 937-333-4800 or use Dayton Delivers.


  • Street Repair and Paving Coordination - Street and alley repairs and preventive maintenance are provided throughout the City. The Computerized Pavement Management System and on-site inspections determine streets to be resurfaced.
  • Street Sweeping - The City sweeps over 12,000 miles of streets from February through October, weather permitting. Residential streets are swept twice annually, thoroughfares are swept six times annually, expressways are swept three times annually and the Central Business District is swept each weeknight.
  • Leaf Collection - Crews make four leaf collection cycles through each city neighborhood in the fall season. Leaves must be placed in biodegradable bags and placed at the curb line during your scheduled collection periods.
  • Boulevards and Expressway Medians - Cleaning, mowing, seeding and fertilizing services are provided for boulevards and medians. Street Maintenance maintains over 50 miles of expressway medians and roadsides.
  • Snow and Ice Control - Streets are prioritized for plowing and/or treating based on safety factors, as well as availability of resources. There are 41 established routes in the City of Dayton for plowing and treating snow and ice (coming soon: an updated map of routes).
  • Traffic Control Devices - Street Maintenance provides traffic control equipment for permitted special events, parades, block parties, etc., as requested by the Dayton Police Department.
  • Traffic Sign Shop - Over 4,000 traffic signs are repaired and/or replaced each year. The shop manufactures approximately 2,000 signs annually. More than 2.5 million lineal feet of traffic control pavement striping is applied annually. The Traffic Sign Shop also services and repairs the downtown parking meters.
  • Vacant Land Management - The Division provides basic lot maintenance for lots neglected and/or abandoned by property owners. Costs for this service are billed to the property owner.
  • Parks and Forestry - The City Arborist and others in the Street Maintenance crew maintain and upkeep more than 2,000 acres of parks and playground areas. You can rent a park shelter for your next event!
  • Dead Animal Pickup - This service is offered to remove carcasses from public property.