Birthplace of Next

Dayton, Ohio isn't just the birthplace of aviation--we're the birthplace of what's next!
Dayton is a bustling urban center surrounded by close-knit neighborhoods. It is a manufacturing
giant becoming an innovative hub for technology. It is a hotbed for fine arts, ranked among the very best in the nation. It is the epicenter of international aviation and aerospace. It is home to bountiful and well-maintained parks and rivers. It is the virtual center of commerce in America.

But the City of Dayton is, first and foremost, defined by its people.

Innovators, inventors and dreamers mix seamlessly with hard-working tradespeople in pursuit of the American dream. It is filled with vitality and resilience. A unique blend of palpable energy and
unmistakable optimism. And yet, it remains balanced with Midwestern pragmatism. Dayton is a city steeped in history, yet perfectly positioned for the future.

Here are just a few ways Dayton is leading the way and fostering a livable, innovative and sustainable community:

Immigrant Friendly

Launched in 2011, the Welcome Dayton initiative established a plan for welcoming and integrating foreign-born residents. By embracing an inclusive attitude and promoting a diverse yet integrated community, Dayton has attracted a rich mixture of immigrant backgrounds that have rebounded a population decline, revitalized neighborhoods, fostered economic development and brought new, exciting arts and culture to the city. Our work has garnered national recognition from Time, Forbes, The New York Times, NPR and other major news media, as well as partnerships with the White House and Welcoming America. Learn more.

Makers Movement

Dayton's 2,570 manufacturing companies earn $36.6 billion in annual sales (Source: Dayton RMA). As a significant part of the business communities, these industries make Dayton a force to be reckoned with in the national Makers Movement. New technologies and critical products come out of Dayton businesses, which means this city is building tomorrow. The people of Dayton are moving the needle on new frontiers at state of the art facilities, like Sinclair Community College's National UAS Training and Certification Center. We're also the proud home of Proto BuildBar, a casual and eclectic maker space and creative experience center that promotes the makers movement on an individual level.

Sustainable Future

As we plan for the future, Dayton's leaders make decisions today that pave the way for a better, brighter tomorrow. This entails using and preserving the abundant natural resources of our region in a reasonable, responsible manner. Our 1.5 trillion-gallon aquifer ensures clean drinking water to the Dayton area, protected by the Source Water Protection Program. Dayton's climate and landscape have made it the Outdoor Capital of the Midwest, offering recreation opportunities from water sports along the five-river convergence in downtown to hiking, biking and more along the nation's largest paved trail network. No wonder we were chosen as the host city of the 2017 International Trail Symposium!