Meet Your Commissioners

  1. Whaley
  2. Joseph
  3. Mims
  4. Shaw
  5. Fairchild

2020 Nan Whaley PhotoCurrent Term: 2018-2022

Nan Whaley is proud to choose Dayton as her home. Originally from Indiana, Nan attended the University of Dayton where she graduated in 1998 and soon settled in the Five Oaks neighborhood where she and her husband Sam reside today.

Her career is distinguished by her commitment to public service, civic involvement and interest in local government. First elected to the Dayton City Commission in 2005, Nan was the youngest women ever chosen for a commission seat. She was proud to be elected as Dayton’s mayor in 2013 by a double-digit majority. In 2017, she ran for re-election unopposed, a first in Dayton history. As mayor, she has focused on the areas of community development, manufacturing, and women and children.

Nan is a national leader among her peers serving as President for the US Conference of Mayors. Nan is also a founding board member for the Ohio’s Mayor Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of Ohio’s 30 largest cities.

Nan has been committed to the political process in local, state and national elections. While in college, she served as Ohio Chair of the College Democrats. She currently serves as Vice President of the National Conference of Democratic Mayors. Additionally, she is a five-time delegate to the Democratic National Convention.