Support Services & Resource Management

The Support Services & Resource Management Division, led by Assistant Chief Andrew Braun, is divided into three branches: Support Services, Resource Management, and Community Services. The division operates in a fiscally responsible manner through effective business practices, short, medium, long-range strategic planning, and resource allocation. 

Support Services

Support Services ensures operational readiness for fire apparatus, equipment & supplies, facilities, and business services. Practical and functional facilities are essential to our daily operations to house personnel, apparatus, and equipment. The staff works to address the aging infrastructure at DFD's 14 facilities to ensure safety and capability within the budgetary constraints and parameters given to the division. Repair and replacement of equipment are essential to operational readiness. 

The Dayton Fire Garage falls under the Support Services Division. The garage personnel maintain all of the fire department apparatus including, engines, ladders, medic units, boats, rescues, light-duty vehicles, and small motor equipment. It is the only city fire garage in the region capable of taking care of the City of Dayton's Fire fleet while still providing these services to other municipalities. 

Resource Management

Resource Management represents Administration Services with responsibilities for clerical duties, cost analysis for programs, budgeting, purchasing guidance, automated staffing components, and payroll management systems.

Community Services

This branch supports the activities of the department's fire prevention programs utilizing public education, fire prevention, community risk reduction, and code enforcement programs. Community Services includes Fire Prevention, Fire Public Education, Code Enforcement, Wellfield Protection, Fire Investigations, Get Recovery Options Working (GROW), and Community Paramedicine.

Fire Prevention

Public Education – the department continually engages with the community to promote fire safety through education and awareness of fire risks and hazards. Fire Prevention/Risk Reduction – the department understands the importance of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and we recognize that children and seniors are particularly susceptible to the risk of fire. The department strives to install residents' detectors when they cannot install their own and provide smoke and CO detectors to those persons in need.

Fire Code Awareness and Code Enforcement – The Department understands that many fires are preventable, particularly those within commercial structures. When a commercial structure suffers the effects of fire, the damage is not limited to personal property damage, but business is interrupted, jobs are lost, and unfortunately, most companies are unable to recover fully. The City shares and suffers as well with each commercial fire.

Fire Investigation

The responsibilities of the Fire Investigation Unit are to minimize fire risk and fire damage within the City by determining the cause of the fire, investigating and apprehending those persons responsible for criminal behavior (arson), and preventing fires by education and incarceration (where appropriate). Active patrols and aggressive investigations have reduced arson crimes, and prosecutions have increased.

GROW and Community Paramedicine

The GROW and Community Paramedicine connect at-risk citizens with needed resources. The two programs continue to expand and positively affect the community by connecting patients with addiction services, mental health resources, social work resources, and additional health care.