Scenario-Based Training

The Dayton Police Department is proud to offer Scenario Based Training to our residents and community leaders. The training sessions are held at the Dayton Police Academy and taught by DPD personnel and Police Academy staff.

The purpose of this training is to give citizens an opportunity to experience making a life-changing decision in a split second by putting them through potentially high-stress scenarios officers may encounter every day.

Participants will go through:
  • Brief Safety Overview
  • Traffic Stop Scenarios
  • Match House Scenarios
During the traffic stops and match house scenarios, citizens will be playing the role of a police officer. The participants will conduct a traffic stop with members of the Dayton Police Department acting as role players. Citizens will also complete a building search in our match house, which resembles a ranch-style home.

Upon completion of the training, there will be no debrief session that day. Instead, two separate debrief sessions will be scheduled about a week after the class to allow those involved to process the experience.

Space is limited for each training sessions and slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. To express your interest and be placed on the waiting list, please contact Officer Ronald Strehle at 937-333-8990 or