Payment Information

Acceptable Credit Cards

The following credit cards are accepted:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Having Trouble Paying?

Payment Plans and Social Services are available. This varies on each account due to Account History and property owner permissions.

Payment Plans can be offered and vary per the account history and activity.

Payment Plans are not permitted if an owner has requested a Payment Plan block on the account. (Exception is a Payment Plan per Social Service pledge letter.)

Payment Plans are not granted on Bad Checks.

Two consecutive cancelled Payment Plans in a six month period result in No Payment Plans for 12 months.

We offer customers a list of Social Services for assistance.

Delinquent Shutoffs

A customer has approximately 59 to 65 days from billing to service termination. A turn-off notice will be mailed out. Any unpaid balance remaining 30 days after the invoice is created is considered delinquent.

Leak Adjustments

Sanitary sewer charges can be adjusted for leaks where the leaked water does not enter the sanitary sewer. For example:
  • Underground service leaks
  • Leaks in pipes located in building slabs
  • Leaks in pipes in crawl spaces
No adjustment is given if the leaked water was collected by a floor drain in a basement or slab. The plumbing code requires that the floor drains be connected to the sanitary sewer.