Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood

Issue 9, now known as Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood, was approved by Dayton voters on the November 8, 2016, general election ballot. It is a 1/4 percent earned income tax for the City of Dayton (for a period of eight years) bringing Dayton's earned income tax rate to 2.5 percent.

You can now view this information in an interactive web portal containing dashboards for each reporting area of Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood. Click here to view the interactive version of this page.

Park Improvements

Park updates are the latest improvements on the way to Dayton neighborhoods as the City of Dayton continues to deliver on promises made to voters in 2016. Here are park upgrades scheduled through 2023.

In 2023, Blommel park, Oregon park, & Walnut Hills park will receive new playground equipment.
In 2022, Cleveland park and Highland park will receive new playground equipment. McIntosh park will receive new basketball court resurfacing.
Ridgecrest Park (Pinecrest Drive): Replace playground equipment
Nordale Park (Nordale Avenue): Replace Playground equipment
McIntosh Park (Edwin C. Moses at Riverview Avenue): Replace Playground equipment
Belmont Park (Woodbine Avenue): Replace playground equipment.  
Highview Hills Park (Palmerston Avenue at Almore Street): Replace playground equipment.  
Princeton Park (Princeton Drive at Rosedale Drive): Replace playground equipment.  
Stuart Patterson Park (Leo Street at Baltimore Street): Replace playground equipment.  
Dayton View Park (N. Broadway at Superior Avenue): Replace basketball court surface, poles and rims; replace playground equipment.  
McIntosh Park (Edwin C. Moses at Riverview Avenue): Repair basketball court surface; replace tennis court surface.  
Belmont Park (Woodbine Avenue): Replace park shelter.  
Welcome Park (Hopeland Avenue): Replace two basketball court surfaces, poles and rims; replace playground equipment; upgrade park shelter.
Washington Park (East Second Street): Replace playground equipment.
Mallory Park (Germantown Street at Burwood Avenue): Replace playground equipment.
Belmont Park (Woodbine Avenue): Demolish park shelter (replacement planned for 2019).
Walnut Hills Park (Wayne Avenue): New fencing around three volleyball courts and two tennis courts; new volleyball and tennis netting; asphalt sealing and coloring for volleyball and tennis courts; new concrete sidewalk; replacement of wooden bench seating.

Residential Street Resurfacing

In addition to park enhancements, more Dayton neighborhoods will have newly paved residential streets this year as the City of Dayton continues a major street improvement effort. With a goal of having all streets in good condition within eight years. See the list of streets to be resurfaced this year hereSee the recently added list of additional streets to be resurfaced this year here.


Cleaning and mowing activities for more than 6,000 vacant or abandoned properties occurs from May through October each year, with a goal of completing each lot six times (weather may affect total mowing times). See the weekly mowing schedule here.

Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood Street Paving Cover Art

Featured Investment:  Walnut Hills Park

Map with proposed Walnut Hills park improvements