Community Services

The Community Services Bureau aims to reduce risks in our community through a number of methods. The Bureau, consisting of a Fire Marshal, two Fire Prevention Specialist-II's and 7 Fire Prevention Specialist-I's, provide services to the community including fire & life safety education, code enforcement & inspections, plans review and fire investigations.

Fire and Life Safety Education

The Dayton Fire Department offers a variety of public fire and life safety education programs for our community. Programs offered include fire station tours, youth fire safety presentations, senior adult fire safety presentations, business fire safety presentations, fire apparatus visits and home smoke and carbon monoxide alarm installation programs. If you would like to request a Fire & Life Safety Presentation, please complete the online Public Event Request.

Code Enforcement and Inspections

The Dayton Fire Department strives to ensure the safety of citizens and visitors through the enforcement of the Dayton & Ohio Fire Codes. The Department issues a number of permits to ensure that special events and activities requiring fire department approval are safe and conducted in accordance with applicable codes. Both Fire Inspectors and Fire Suppression crews are responsible for conducting site and building inspections. These inspections are completed depending on the type of business and associated hazards. Buildings inspections may be conducted every 12, 24 or 36 months. If you would like to request an inspection, please complete the online Fire & Life Safety Inspection Request.

Plans Review

The Dayton Fire Department proactively reduces the risk of fires through the construction plan review process. Fire Inspectors review many new construction and major remodeling projects for code compliance including fire department access, water supply for firefighting operations, sprinkler systems, emergency planning and more. This process is completed jointly with the City of Dayton Division of Building Inspection.

​Fire Investigations

The Dayton Fire Department has a select group of highly trained individuals who provide fire investigation services within the City. They use the collected information to identify trends, develop public education programs, identify product deficiencies, and to determine if the fire was the result of criminal activity. Fire Investigators are also Montgomery County Deputy Sheriff Officers and are tasked with the investigation of suspicious fires through the prosecution of those found accountable for the crime.

A Fire Investigator is on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week for fire investigation. Investigators work with fire suppression crews, insurance companies, private investigators and various law enforcement agencies. If you would like to report a suspected arson or tip, please contact Miami Valley Crime Stoppers.