Dayton Flag Project

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Dayton Seeks Flag Fit for the Future

As Dayton continues its reinvention and renewal, local leaders are seeking a new flag to represent a changing city and community looking to the future.

Dayton’s current flag, in use since 1958, flies at City Hall, Dayton International Airport, and dozens of other highly visible locations. But its stark background and dated imagery render it unremarkable in the age of lively urban design, digital communication, and community diversity.

To align the symbol with the municipality and community it represents, the City of Dayton and many partners are working together to re-imagine and redesign the Dayton flag. This effort serves as a broader celebration of Dayton’s history and future by weaving together themes that represent the city. The new flag will be unveiled in 2020, as Dayton looks to the next decade.

A steering committee of 20 individuals representing an array of public, private and civic organizations is working cooperatively with City government to oversee the flag redesign process and to recommend a final design to the City Commission. The steering committee is chaired by Commissioner Jeffrey J. Mims and Dayton Public Schools Board Member Jocelyn Rhynard, and its membership includes Mayor Nan Whaley.

The Process will take several months and will follow this outline:

  1. Flag committee is convened by Mayor Whaley and the committee creates an initial list of potential themes and values.
  2. Community input on themes and values is solicited online and at public events.
  3. The Flag committee determines a 2-4 basic color palette and selects final themes and values.
  4. Public submission process opens for a period of two months. Designers are encouraged to submit up to three unique designs that follow the rules of flag design and incorporate the color palette and selected themes/values.
  5. The Flag committee narrows submissions that follow guidelines down to a top ten.
  6. The Dayton City Commission and relevant stakeholders narrow the flag committee’s recommendations to a top three.
  7. Public feedback on the top three submission is solicited online and at public events.
  8. A professional graphic designer will use public and committee feedback to create the final design.
  9. Dayton City Commission officially adopts the design.

Design Guidelines will include:

  • Submissions must symbolically represent 3-6 themes and values that will reflect Dayton. The themes will be based on community feedback, with the final recommendation decided on by the steering committee and the City Commission.
  • Submissions should follow the North American Vexillological Association’s five basic principles of flag design.
  • Submissions must include some kind of symbolic representation of the key themes.
  • Submissions must conform to the chosen color palette of 2-4 colors.
  • Criteria for final selection include:  Public input, quality of design, meaningful explanation of design and elements, and design adaptability.
  • Submissions must be accompanied by a narrative explaining the design.
  • Flags should be designed in the standard US Flag 1:1.67 proportion.
  • Acceptable file formats for image upload: .jpg, .gif, .png or .pdf; max 2MB; 1.5” x 2.5”.
  • Each entry may contain only one design.
  • Individuals may submit up to three separate entries.

For more information on the history of the Dayton flag, good flag design and the City’s process, see the presentation below.

Dayton's Current Flag

City of Dayton Current Flag 2019


The process will be open to submissions, though the steering committee and therefore the City of Dayton may chose not to adopt a submission exactly as it was created, as well as to not officially adopt a new flag if so chosen. In order to ensure usability and appropriateness, a chosen design may be subject to modifications by a graphic designer, working cooperatively with the original designer and the City of Dayton.