Office of Sustainability

Montage of Sustainable Energy Sources with View of Dayton

The Office of Sustainability, operating under the Office of the City Manager's guidance, oversees a comprehensive Sustainability strategy aimed at steering the City of Dayton towards greater environmental sustainability. This strategy encompasses a wide array of projects and actions with a primary focus on reducing carbon emissions, saving money, and advancing equity and resilience in the City.

Additionally, the office extends its support to residents and businesses by offering guidance on water and electricity conservation, transitioning to solar energy, recycling, and other sustainable practices. It also actively seeks partnerships with external entities to further the City's sustainability goals, including securing grants to alleviate taxpayer expenses. Lastly, the office is responsible for crafting proposed amendments to the City Code and Operating Policies to align them with sustainable practices. Overall, the Office of Sustainability serves as a pivotal force in advancing Dayton's commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

Learn more about our projects by visiting the Sustainability Hub.