Dayton Recovery Plan

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The Dayton Recovery Plan is a roadmap of how Dayton will spend the $138 Million in federal rescue funds provided to help us emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal for using this funding is to create long-term transformational and sustainable impacts in targeted geographies.

Projects and proposals of the Plan were developed using a data-driven approach that analyzed socio-economic, health, and demographic data to make informed funding decisions that benefit minority communities disproportionately impacted by the pandemic while also addressing long-standing economic and social inequities in our city.

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Highlighted Happenings

Investments of Dayton Recovery Plan funds occur as the City Commission approves related contracts and agreements with recipient organizations and vendors providing services. Following is information released by the City of Dayton on just some of the approved items, as well as links to selected media coverage.

6888 Kitchen Incubator Breaks Ground

City Announces Over $500,000 of Improvements for Triangle Park

City of Dayton Announces $4.3 Million for Community Investments 

Recovery Plan: $1.8 million for Home Renovations

City of Dayton Announces $800,000 in Investments for Local Organizations

First Floor Fund to Support Small Businesses