Police Reform Working Groups

Police Reform Working Group Process Infographic ThumbnailThese five Working Groups, established in mid-2020, were made up of over 125 diverse community members including public defenders, clergy, police officers, elected officials, and engaged citizens to work together to examine City of Dayton Police policies and procedures. After 76 working groups meeting, 32 listening sessions, and 8 cross group listening sessions, these groups listened to experts, looked at data, and looked for what was working best across the country. They made 142 recommendations, available here. Information on each individual group can be found on their respective pages.

The Working groups are addressing each of the five reform areas. Each working group is co-led by a City Commissioner and a community leader. The groups, their purposes and co-leads are:

  1. Oversight: Increase transparency in the process to report suspected police misconduct and strengthen the Citizen Appeal Board made up of community members. 
    • Co-leads: Commissioner Matt Joseph and Montgomery County Recorder Brandon McClain.
  2. Use of Force: Assess all recent incidences in which force was used by Dayton police to look for patterns and biases, which will inform a review of use of force policies. 
    • Co-leads: Commissioner Jeffrey J. Mims, Jr. and Willis Blackshear, Jr.
  3. Training: Continue implicit bias and de-escalation trainings for all Dayton police officers.
    • Co-leads: Commissioner Darryl Fairchild and Stacy Benson-Taylor. 
  4. Recruitment and Promotion: Review police recruitment, oversight, and selection processes to better identify any potential issues in new officers and increase diversity in the force. 
    • Co-leads: Mayor Nan Whaley and Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Judge Gerald Parker. 
  5. Engagement: Continue to deepen community engagement by rank and file officers to strengthen relationships with the people they serve and protect.
    • Co-leads: Commissioner Chris Shaw and Shannon Isom.
Police Reform Committee Org Chart