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Apr 18

[ARCHIVED] Flight Line Vision (East Dayton Rails-to-Trails)

The original item was published from April 18, 2022 10:23 AM to April 20, 2022 10:28 AM

Flight Line Vision

Few projects capture as much positive public attention and excitement as the conceptual Flight Line rails-to-trails project. For the past five years the City of Dayton has been working on conceptual plans and negotiations with the Norfolk Southern Railroad to make the project a reality. 

The Flight Line multiuse trail will utilize 6.5 miles of blighted rail line and will complete two gaps in the Miami Valley trail network providing greater access and alternative transportation options to the entire Dayton region. This signature transportation project will begin in downtown Dayton and traverse east-west through some of Dayton’s historic neighborhoods before heading south into our neighboring jurisdiction of Kettering. It provides missing connections to the existing Creekside and Ironhorse Trails and is vital to the redevelopment and beautification of Dayton’s east-side neighborhoods. The off-street, multi-use trail will provide safe, sustainable, low-stress connections for commuters to economic job centers and recreational users alike. The Flight Line is poised to add to our regional trail network’s economic impact by mitigating blight within our neighborhoods while creating a unique elevated urban trailway, one-of-a-kind in our region. Opportunities to build linear parks, greenways, and expanded private development connections in conjunction with the trail will enhance the user experience and economic value of this asset. 

The City of Dayton continues to work to secure the necessary funding to finalize acquisition and looks forward to making this unique project a reality. A recent Neighborhood Vision Plan, adopted by City Commission, for our northeast neighborhoods includes public comment and feedback on what our community would like to see occur in conjunction with the Flight Line trail. Excerpts from that plan are included below. 

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The final path for the Flight LIne and it's connections to our region's 300+ mile trail network is shown in the next map. It is close to our local schools, connected to both City and Five Rivers parks, and fills an essential gap in the regional system. 

If you have questions about the project, contact Susan Vincent at susan.vincent@daytonohio.gov.

Flight Line overview map