What is an "eligible list?"

Examinations may be given "Promotional" and "Open Competitive." If you are not currently employed by the City of Dayton or Dayton Public Schools (or do not meet "Promotional" requirements), you would take an "Open Competitive" examination. Applicants appearing on a "Promotional" eligible list are considered for appointment prior to those on an "Open Competitive" eligible list, regardless of score.

In accordance with the Dayton City Charter and the Civil Service Rules and Regulations for the City of Dayton, the Rule of One applies for all City of Dayton competitive (tested) positions, meaning the top ranking person on the eligible list will be referred first as openings become available.

In accordance with Ohio Revised Code, Section 124.27, Dayton Public Schools shall appoint in the following manner: each time a selection is made, it shall be from one of the names that ranks in the top ten names on the eligible list or the top twenty-five percent of the eligible list, whichever is greater. In the event that ten or fewer names are on the eligible list, the appointing authority may select any of the listed candidates.

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