Why did you plow me in?
I just cleared my car, sidewalk, and driveway, and then City crews plowed my street and snowed me in again. Why can't snow be plowed toward the center or median of the street?

Most residential streets have only one or two travel lanes, so there is not enough room to plow snow to the middle of the street. In larger storms, it may be impossible to avoid pushing snow onto the sidewalk or your driveway from the street. Please be prepared to clear driveways and sidewalks more than one time to fully clear all snow from your property. Do not shovel snow into the street, or it will just be plowed back again. You can help prevent snow from piling up around your vehicles by removing them from the street before the storm, if possible.

Please assist the Fire Department by digging out around fire hydrants. Please refrain from blocking streets, barricading parking spaces or blocking mailboxes. Keeping streets clear helps Fire and EMS respond to emergencies. Thank you!

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