Who must comply with this law?
The Risk Management Plan program requires facilities that use chemicals over a threshold amount to prepare hazard assessments, prevention programs, and emergency response programs.

Chemical manufacturers, other manufacturers, certain wholesalers and retailers, water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities, ammonia refrigeration systems, utilities, and federal facilities are all included.

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1. What is a Risk Management Plan?
2. What kinds of chemicals are included?
3. Why is Risk Management Plan important?
4. What is the responsibility of facilities with these chemicals?
5. Who must comply with this law?
6. What is in place to protect me now?
7. Why must the City be involved?
8. Is it necessary for our facilities to use these chemicals?
9. What should I know about the City's use of these chemicals?
10. How will potential releases be prevented?
11. How will a release be handled?
12. What can I do?