How fast can I expect records to be processed?
Public records are to be available for inspection during regular business hours, with the exception of published holidays. Public records must be made available for inspection promptly. Copies of public records must be made available within a reasonable period of time. “Prompt” and “reasonable” take into account the volume of records requested; the proximity of the location where the records are stored; and the necessity for any legal review and redaction of the records requested.

In processing the request, the City does not have an obligation to create new records or perform new analysis of existing information. An electronic record is deemed to exist so long as a computer is already programmed to produce the record through simple sorting, filtering, or querying. Although not required by law, the City of Dayton may accommodate the requester by generating new records when it makes sense and is practical under the circumstances.

In processing a request for inspection of a public record, a City employee must accompany the requester during inspection to make certain original records are not taken or altered.

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