Why am I paying a Storm Water fee? I don't have a storm sewer.

The Storm Water fee was created due to a new EPA mandate to improve the quality of water being discharged to rivers and streams to reduce pollution. The fee is charged to any property within the City's corporate limit having its rainwater runoff conveyed either through the storm water sewer system directly or indirectly through other channels to the public storm sewers discharging to a river and/or stream. A portion of the fee is designated to the overall maintenance of the existing storm water system. The fee is also used to help educate the public and private industries on how to employ best practices to reduce pollution in the rainwater leaving their properties going to local rivers and streams. Additionally, street sweeping is also an activity supported by the fee in an effort to reduce litter and other contaminants on the street from reaching the rivers.

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24. Why am I paying a Storm Water fee? I don't have a storm sewer.