Can you make payment arrangements for me?
Call Water Revenue at 333-3550.

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1. How much is my bill?
2. When is the next meter reading?
3. Can you come over and read my water meter before I move?
4. Can you put on / take my name off a bill?
5. Can you make payment arrangements for me?
6. Can you fax me a copy of my bill?
7. I am a landlord and I want my tenant's water turned off to evict them. Can you turn off the water for them?
8. A plumber said to call and get my water turned off. Can you send someone out to do that and does it cost anything? Can you come out now?
9. I just got a tag for a "dead" meter. No one told me I had a "dead" meter. Now what?
10. I want to fill my swimming pool. What do I need to do?
11. I have water running in my basement by the meter. What do I need to do?
12. There is water coming up in my front yard. Just going straight up in the air! It looks like the how four fountains are supposed to look downtown. Do I have to pay for all that water?
13. I just turned my kitchen faucet on and the water is brown. I have been doing laundry, and I just know that my clothes are ruined. Now what?
14. I must have low water pressure. Can you send someone out to turn it up?
15. The meter setter said he would not replace the meter because the pipe is galvanized. I want to speak to a supervisor.
16. What is pressure supposed to be in this area?