How does this special assessment benefit me?
The purpose of the proposed assessment is to provide a standardized public street lighting system citywide that will promote safety and security in our neighborhoods, business districts, and across the city’s 1,800 lane-miles of roadways.

The street light system is comprised of over 19,700 lights situated throughout the city. Miami Valley Lighting (a division of the Dayton Power & Light Company) owns approximately 14,400 lights and bills the City for the capital, energy, maintenance and repair costs of those lights. The City owns and maintains the remaining 5,300 lights. The plan includes upgrades of the lights on existing City-owned poles from high pressure sodium fixtures to energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) technology. LED lights consume less energy than their high pressure sodium counterparts and have more than double the useful life. Conversion to LED lights is also good for the environment by reducing the City’s carbon footprint. The assessment also covers the cost of operating, maintaining and repairing the street light system.

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1. What is a special assessment?
2. Why is the City utilizing a Street Light Special Assessment?
3. Who is being assessed?
4. How is the assessment calculated?
5. Where can I Go to locate my assessment?
6. How long will the assessment last?
7. What areas have been exempted and why?
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10. How does this special assessment benefit me?
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