What is Source of Income (SOI) Discrimination?

Source of income (SOI) discrimination is the practice of landlords, owners, and real estate brokers to refuse to rent to prospective tenants because of the origin of the funds that the tenant has available. This typically manifests in bias against tenants whose “non-wage” income does not come from traditionally understood employment as an employee or contractor. The SOI discrimination bans outlaw this practice, meaning landlords cannot refuse to rent to tenants who seek to housing assistance vouchers, subsidies, veterans’ benefits, or other forms of public assistance.as for their rent payment.

Renters at risk of discrimination may receive income from a variety of sources that include social security, disability benefits, supplemental security income, public or private sources, all forms of federal, state, or local assistance payments or subsidies, including but not limited to rent vouchers, child support, spousal support, and public assistance, court ordered payments, payments received as gifts, bequests, and/or annuities or life insurance policies.

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1. What is Source of Income (SOI) Discrimination?
2. Does this mean a resident who qualifies for housing vouchers/subsidies can apply to rent any rental property in a municipality with a source of income discrimination ban?
3. What Are Some Examples of Practices That Will Be Prohibited?
4. How Does SOI Affect Landlords?
5. How Does SOI Affect Tenants?
6. How do I file a complaint of discrimination?
7. What is the cost to file a complaint?