How Does SOI Affect Landlords?

Landlords continue to have the ability to screen prospective tenants based upon lawful qualification criterion. SOI would make it so a prospective tenant with, for example, social security income would have equal opportunity to rent a property and could not be discriminated against based upon their income source. SOI does not require a tenant to accept lower rent nor would it require a landlord to maintain compliance with state or federal subsidized housing standards.

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1. What is Source of Income (SOI) Discrimination?
2. Does this mean a resident who qualifies for housing vouchers/subsidies can apply to rent any rental property in a municipality with a source of income discrimination ban?
3. What Are Some Examples of Practices That Will Be Prohibited?
4. How Does SOI Affect Landlords?
5. How Does SOI Affect Tenants?
6. How do I file a complaint of discrimination?
7. What is the cost to file a complaint?