Is there a requirement that my plans be prepared by an Architect or an Engineer?

Construction documents must bear the seal of a registered design professional except for residential construction, fire protection systems submitted under the signature of a certified individual, replacement-in-kind of equipment or systems, or where the Building Official determines that the work does not involve technical design analysis of work affecting public health or general safety in the following areas: means of egress, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing or fire protection.

A set of drawings prepared by a design professional (architect or engineer) is required to have the professional seal and date of expiration shown on the cover sheet with the professional’s signature (original and in ink) over the seal.  The seal can be embossed, stamped, or printed.  All sheets in a set of plans must also be sealed with an original signature, unless the cover sheet shows a list of drawings and contains the seal and original signature of the design professional in responsible charge.

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