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Joseph T. Cline Award Nomination

  1. About the Cline Awards

    If you would like to recognize a current City of Dayton employee for their excellent service, here’s your chance! The Joseph T. Cline Awards program honors City of Dayton employees who show excellence and dedication in their career as well as their civic contributions, have been employed by the City for at least two years, and are currently full-time or permanent part-time employees. The nomination process is open to citizens and City employees alike. Nominees can be employed at any level of the City of Dayton organization. Nominations must be submitted by Monday, Oct. 25, 2019, at 5 p.m. At least 10 award winners will each receive a cash award an endowment set up by the Cline family through The Dayton Foundation.

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  3. Describe why your nominee deserves this special recognition by citing exceptional work performance. You may also cite civic achievements or community involvement as part of your nomination. Please keep responses to 300 words or less.

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