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Accelerate Dayton

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  2. Information

    For more information about this program, or to download a copy of the application, click here.

  3. Part 1

    In this section, describe the following in narrative form. The narrative for all topics may be up to 5 single-sided pages - please use at least 12-point font. Hand-written applications will not be accepted.

  4. Applicant bio and industry experience

  5. Describe your business/idea. What problems does it solve? Who are your customers? What value do/will your business bring to your customers and the community? Is this business/idea financially sustainable?

  6. Identify the City Quadrant chosen for your business (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest)

  7. Discuss your technical assistance needs (i.e. marketing plan, financials, and location selection)

  8. Part 2

    Please rank your technical assistance needs.

    1 - Least Important 6 - Most Important

  9. Market Analysis*

  10. Accounting*

  11. Legal Assistance*

  12. Branding*

  13. Operations*

  14. Management*

  15. Part 3

    Please see the check box below

  16. Signature Requirements*

    I declare under penalty of perjury in the second degree, and any of the applicable state or federal laws, that the statements made and contained the Proposal Application above are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

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