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Fire Department - Request for Public Education and Presentations

  1. The Dayton Fire Department is committed to raising the standard of safety within our community by providing the finest in public education and community outreach available. Our goal is to save lives, promote good health, and reduce hazards through heightened awareness.

    To achieve this goal, DFD personnel and crews are able to attend public events throughout the community, however due to the nature of our duties we can only provide a total of two fire apparatus per day, one per event, on first come first serve basis, with time limited to a maximum of 90 minutes, or a designated fire prevention specialist.

    Additionally, the primary responsibility of the Dayton Fire Department is to mitigate emergency situations, and as a result, special appearances are subject to sudden departure or cancellation. If you are requesting a fire apparatus (engine or ladder) at your event, please ensure there is sufficient space to park the vehicle, with a clear lane of departure.

    Please Note: Fire Prevention will not be booking “Fire Safety Presentations” or “Fire House Tours” on any Friday – late May through Sept.
  2. Event Contact
    A minimum of two (2) weeks prior notice is required in order for the DFD to efficiently schedule presentations and appearances.
    Reminder: the presence of fire apparatus is limited to 90 minutes

    Our Fire Safety Presentations are tailored for specific age groups with consideration to time constraints and delivering an effective message. A fire prevention specialist can provide lectures on smoke and CO detectors, fire safety at home, school, and work, effective use of fire extinguishes, fire escape plans, EMS awareness, and a variety of subjects pertaining to services and duties of DFD.

    Attendants at an event by a fire apparatus is primarily for familiarization of the crews and equipment by the public, with emphasis on children becoming accustomed to seeing a firefighter in their firefighting gear. Due to safety considerations and the nature of our equipment, we cannot allow the public to enter or climb on the fire apparatus.

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    When possible the Dayton Fire Department will gladly attend and participate in non-profit community events (i.e. festivals, health and safety fairs, summer camps, school presentations, etc.) where we may offer a public education component.

    The Dayton Fire Department cannot attend events which appear to utilize the DFD as a cause to support raising money, recruiting membership, or otherwise as an endorsement or marketing instrument, or where used solely for personal benefit. All information provided on this form is subject to verification.

    Submission of this application does not guarantee or confirm participation by the DFD. If we are able to attend your event you will be notified via email or phone. In the event of a scheduling conflict prohibiting the DFD from attending, you will be notified at the earliest possible time.

    This application is not to HIRE committed fire safety and / or medical safety personnel to provide emergency coverage of an event. Should you desire to hire a fire suppression or medical apparatus for your event for the safety of participants please call (937) 333 - 4500.
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