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Preferred Property Application

  1. Preferred Property Seal Art
  2. Property Information
  3. Training Information
  4. Do you have a Property Manager Training Certificate?*
  5. Please attach property manager's training certificate for property manager's training course or equivalent.
  6. Property Safety Assessments
    The City will be contacting you to schedule your required fire and housing assessments. Below are checklists to help you prepare for the assessments.
  7. Preferred Property Housing Assessment Checklist
  8. Required Items
    • No visible structural defects
    • Structure has sound roof
    • Structure is sound: no porch falling down, etc.
    • Structure has intact windows / doors
    • Gutters, fascia, and soffits intact
    • Is structure painted (if applicable)
    • Is yard mowed / maintained
    • Is structure free from trash, litter, junk
    • Other code violations
  9. Montgomery County Rental Registration
  10. Have you registered with Montgomery County rental registry?*
  11. Other
  12. Do Not List Property
    Check here if you do not want your property listed on the City of Dayton's Preferred Property Website
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