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Camera Registration

  1. Camera Registration

    Fill out each field and click submit when you are finished. Asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

  2. Are you cameras located at a residence or commercial / business establishment?*

  3. Is it okay for us to call your work number?

    If you did not provide a work number, simply leave this option blank.

  4. Are they Wifi enabled?*

  5. How are you videos stored?*

  6. Do you have a live feed?*

  7. How long will your system store a recording?*

  8. How can your video be copied?*

  9. Camera View (Check all that apply)*

  10. In the event the police department needs access to your recording to investigate a crime, would you allow access to the recording(s)?*

  11. I have read, understand and agree to the Disclaimer & Terms of Use listed on the Dayton Police Department's website regarding camera registration.*

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