Welcome Dayton Committee

The City of Dayton’s Community Engagement Division in the Department of Planning, Neighborhoods and Development houses the Welcome Dayton program. Its purpose is to facilitate and support community goals and projects that promote the integration of immigrants into the Greater Dayton community. However, Welcome Dayton is not just another government-run program. It is a community initiative and requires the involvement of both individuals and institutions to be successful. 

The City Commission created the Welcome Dayton Committee (Resolution No. 5952-12 - 03-06-2013) to help provide guidance in achieving the goal of being an immigrant-friendly city.  The purpose of the committee is to collaborate with businesses, community organizations, government agencies and immigrant groups to make Dayton a welcoming place for new residents, revitalize city neighborhoods, promote economic development and enrich the city with cultural diversity. 

Committee makeup: At least 15 and no more than 35 members for the three-year terms. The Chief of Staff of the City Commission and the City Manager are ex-officio members appointed by position. At least five members must be born outside the United States of America. Members shall possess a high level of interest, expertise, educational background, and work experience in one or more of the following areas: education, banking, business, health care, social/human services, real estate, local, state and federal law, and city and county government. Members serve a 3-year term with the option to be reappointed for an additional 3-year term. Each member shall also serve on a sub-committee of interest. 

Mama Nozipo
Member Term Appointed By
Myla Cardona-Jones
Brunner Literacy Center 
12/31/2025City Commission 
Jyl Hall
Councilmember, City of Kettering 
Faith Community Outreach - CarePortal 
12/31/2025City Commission 
Hubert Matumaini
ELL Outreach Coordinator
Dayton Public Schools 
12/31/2025City Commission 
Pete Williams 
Mayor, City of Riverside 
Director of Advancement - Carroll HS
12/31/2025City Commission 
Jorge Gerardo Ramirez Piedra
Business Owner
El Gaban Restaurant 
12/31/2025City Commission
Jean de Dieu Mukunzi
Executive Director 
Ebenezer Healthcare Access 
12/31/2025City Commission
Bryan Stewart
Workforce Director
Montgomery County ESC 
12/31/2025 (2nd Term)City Commission 
Kate Conway
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine  
Boonshoft School of Medicine, WSU 
12/31/2025 (2nd Term)City Commission 
Ashley Lackovich
Director of Development
Glen Helen
12/31/2025 (2nd Term)City Commission 
Kathleen Kersh
Advocates for Basic Legal Equality
12/31/2025 (2nd Term)City Commission 
David Larson
Larson and Lyons, LLC 
12/31/2025 (2nd Term) City Commission 
Gwen Eberly
Manager, Economic Dev. & Planning
Montgomery County 
12/31/2025 City Commission 
RJ Francisco 
System Director, Integrated Care Man. 
Premier Health 
12/31/2025City Commission 
Yunus Ibragim
Relationship Banker
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. 
12/31/2025City Commission 
Claire Preston 
ELL Curriculum Supervisor 
Montgomery Country Educational Service Center 
12/31/2025City Commission 
Mary Reid
Director of Social Services
Catholic Social Services 
12/31/2025City Commission 
Nozipo Glenn
Community Activist 
12/31/2025City Commission 
Thomas Thompson
Chief of Police, Director of Public Safety, Sinclair College 
12/31/2025City Commission 
Anthony Whitmore
RTA Director (Retired) / Community Member
12/31/2024City Commission
Karla Knox
Senior Manager of Asset Management Greater Dayton Premier Management 
12/31/2024City Commission
Rachel Gut
Deputy Director
Dayton Metro Library 
12/31/2023City Commission
Danielle Heeter
Coordinator, Aspire Program
Miami Valley Career Technology Center
City Commission
Matt Joseph
City Commissioner
City Commission
Tom Wahlrab
HRC Executive (Retired) / Community Member 
City Commission
Stephanie Keinath 
VP, Strategic Initiatives, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce
City Commission
Verletta Jackson 
Chief of Staff, City Commission 
By Position

City Commission 
Shelley Dickstein 
City Manager
By Position City Commission