Mission & Vision

Strategy Pyramid In Dayton we believe a community’s ability to support, link, and leverage its assets in a way that provides advantages to both existing businesses and new industries is critical to success. Our team of development professionals partner with business, academia, and institutional mainstays to implement dynamic asset-based development strategies. Here is our approach:


The City supports four foundational components of an asset-based strategy:

  • Provide a qualified workforce that better reflects the needs of area businesses and targeted industry clusters.
  • Create marketable places and spaces by using City amenities to create environments that are attractive to employees and businesses.
  • Brand and market an image that supports the City's vision statement
  • Establish a pro-business environment by structuring government processes to not only allow creativity but to encourage and promote it.

Support and Grow

The City will continue to support the productivity and profitability of new and existing businesses with a pro-business environment.

Incubate and Innovate

The City will promote an environment that supports the commercialization of new technologies and consistent creation of new businesses.
  1. Please contact the Division of Development at (937) 333 - 3634 to learn more about our variety of business incentives and business development services. Our team is here for you!