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Sep 05

Airport's regional value continues to grow

Posted to City Manager's Blog, By Shelley Dickstein by Bryan Taulbee

Dayton International Airport’s role as a major center of economic activity continues to expand, with thousands of jobs added in recent years and more expected.

The airport also remains committed to growing the variety of passenger service desired by travelers.

Denver, New York

It’s no secret that travelers, business travelers in particular, appreciate direct or one-stop flights. Access to major air hubs makes this convenience possible. With the addition of a new Denver flight, there will be 13 nonstop destinations from Dayton. On September 29, United Airlines will once again provide direct service from Dayton to Denver, restoring a route that was cut in early 2022. This service to the Mile High City provides a new opportunity for Dayton travelers to connect to dozens of destinations in the West and beyond.

Business fliers: Don’t forget that two airlines, American and Delta, provide direct daily service to New York’s LaGuardia Airport from Dayton. The Delta flight was added in March of last year.

Jobs generators

For more than 10 years, the trend has been clear: Dayton International Airport is attracting site development and job creation at a pace equal to or greater than other hotspots within the Dayton region.

In fact, around 3,000 jobs have been created, mostly by logistics and light manufacturing enterprises, some with well-known names: Chewy, Crocs, Energizer and others. These jobs generators occupy around five million square feet of newly constructed space, most of it developed by NorthPoint Development, a national developer that has recognized the advantages of investing in Dayton.

Sierra Nevada Corporation recently announced its second development at Dayton International Airport, following completion of its initial state-of-the-art aircraft maintenance hangar in early 2023. The company plans an additional 100,000-sq.-ft. hangar, employing even more skilled technicians. Sierra Nevada’s clients include branches of the United States military as well as some commercial organizations. The airport’s location, as well as the region’s workforce and aerospace resources are key factors in Sierra Nevada’s decision to grow in Dayton.

We expect additional job growth and business investment at the airport, so watch for exciting new developments.

It’s your airport

Airport leadership and staff members work “nonstop” to improve and strengthen Dayton International. You can see the results of their work in the beautifully modernized terminal and improved parking options. The airport is in continuous communication with its current and potential airline partners, letting them know the Dayton story and the region’s travel needs. You can help by choosing to fly from Dayton International. As the airport’s advertising campaign reminds us, “It’s YOUR airport…Fly Dayton.”

Jun 05

Planning Division Embarks on Age-Friendly Initiative

Posted to Gem City Notes by Alex Despain

AARP Domains of Livability Graphic

What is Age-Friendly? “An age-friendly community is one that works for people of all ages. It allows people to go to school, work, recreate, shop, and take care of health needs without significant struggle.” (Ohio Dept of Health, 2018)

The number of adults 65+ in the United States is growing quickly. By 2034, older adults are expected to outnumber children for the first time. The City of Dayton’s Planning Division has taken charge to address this population projection head-on. Just last month, partners from The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission presented to City Commission imploring Dayton to join the AARP’s Age-Friendly Network. Acknowledging the need to make changes to be more livable for people of all ages, especially older adults, the City will join this Network and commit to a standard of livability reflected in AARP’s 8 Domains of Livability. Over the next five years, the Planning Division will conduct an assessment of the Dayton Region, create an Action Plan, implement that Plan, and then revise and revisit the progress.

For more information on the other 760 communities committed to actively making its city, town, and/or county a great place to live for all ages, see here.

Brian Martin presenting at Dayton City Commission
Above: MVRPC Executive Director Brian Martin presents to the Dayton City Commission on Age-Friendly Communities in the Miami Valley. (May 17, 2023)

A chart showing facts about aging

Blog post by Ellen Sizer

Apr 06

22. Great Miami Riverway

Posted to Podcast - Birthplace of Next by Alex Despain

In this Birthplace of Next Extra Edition, we're featuring Elizabeth Connor of the Great Miami Riverway. From Sidney to Hamilton, The Great Miami Riverway is 99 miles of river, paved trails and connected communities, only an hour away from Cincinnati and Columbus at the Crossroads of America. The City of dayton is a Proud Sponsor of the Great Miami Riverway, and Elizabeth will tell us more about the organization.