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Photo Submission Form

  1. Share Your Views with Us!
    The City of Dayton wants to see your view of our community! Submit your best photos of Dayton—the skyline, architecture, nature, neighborhoods, events, etc.—and we may feature your image here on our website or on our social media sites. We will give you photo credit wherever your image is displayed.
  2. (Recommended square or landscape images, 16:9 aspect ratio or close thereto, 100+ dpi resolution, at least 2250 pixels wide.)
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  4. (if professional photographer)
  5. Please read before submitting:
    By submitting a photo to the City of Dayton (“the City”) through this form, you give the City full and unlimited permission to use this image for publicity purposes, including but not limited to all advertising, promotions and featured content in both online and print media. The City reserves the right to display or publish all entered photos, in perpetuity and without compensation. Photographers retain photo copyrights. The City will not distribute entered photos to any other parties for their use. The City reserves the right to reject or decline display of any submitted photo. Content and subject matter of photos must be deemed suitable for public display.
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