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Public Works

  1. Customer Service Feedback

    The City of Dayton is committed to delivering excellent customer service. If you have any feedback on City services or personnel,... More…

  2. Neighborhood Cleanup Application

    Instructions: 1. Complete application and submit three weeks prior to event. 2. Wait for notification of approval of event. 3.... More…

  3. Report a Dumper

    Form used to report an environmental crime such as illegal tire hauling, open dumping, or pouring contaminants down stormdrains.

  4. Waste Collection Special Event Request Form
  1. Encoder Order Request Form
  2. North Main Street Safety Improvements Comments

    Questions or comments concerning North Main Street Safety Improvements; Project MOT-48-1381, PID 114813 (North Main Road Diet)

  3. Salem Avenue Reconstruction Citizen Comments

    Salem Avenue reconstruction citizen comment form.