What to Observe / Take Note Of

If you see a crime occurring, be as observant as possible and take note of:
  • The location where the crime is occurring.
    • What is the address or the nearest intersection?
    • Has the person(s) who committed the crime left the scene?
    • Was the person(s) on foot or in a vehicle?
    • What direction did the person(s) leave?
    • What is a description of the vehicle(s)? Try to remember CYMBAL: Color, Year, Make, Body Style and License number.
  • What is actually happening.
    • Is anyone being injured or has anyone been injured?
    • Are there any weapons involved?
  • Who is involved.
    • The number of people involved.
    • Their names if you know them.
    • Clothing descriptions, including hats or jewelry.
    • Any distinctive physical characteristics such as:
      • Age
      • Body Type
      • Complexion (Light, Dark, Acne, Etc.)
      • Eye Color
      • Facial Hair
      • Gender
      • Hair Color and Length
      • Race
      • Scars/Tattoos
      • Teeth (missing, crooked, metal etc.)
Report a crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers.