How Water Arrives and Leaves Your Home

How Water Arrives at Your Home

1. Ground Water Water Supply & Treatment
2. Ground Water Protection Environmental Management
3. Wells Water Supply & Treatment
4. Well Field Protection Environmental Management
5. Treatment Plant Water Supply & Treatment
6. Water Mains > Service Pipes in the Street > Meters Water Distribution
7. Billing & Meter Reading Revenue & Taxation
8. Service Line: from property line to building Property Owner

How Water Leaves Your Home

Wastewater leaves your home by the following route:
 System Responsibility 
1. House waste system  Property Owner
2. Sanitary sewer main  Sewer Maintenance 
3. Wastewater Treatment Plant  Water Reclamation 

Storm water leaves your property by the following route
 System Responsibility 
1. Roof drains and property water runoff and retention   Property Owner
2. Storm water catch basins > sewer mains > outfalls to rivers and streams Sewer Maintenance 
3. Sampling of flow from outfalls Environmental Management
4. Sampling of spills to storm sewer and river  Environmental Management