Water Utility Field Operations

Mission / Vision

Our Mission is to maintain the Water Distribution, Sanitary Collection, and Storm Water Collection systems. Ensuring the provision of water for fire protection and the delivery of safe drinking water to the public. As well as, enhancing and maintaining the City's Sanitary and Storm Sewer System in the most reliable and cost effective manner. We are committed to demonstrating the highest quality maintenance standards in the industry to ensure continued health, safety, and welfare of our entire community.


Responsibilities include management of the Division's daily activities in the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of Dayton's municipal water distribution system, sanitary collection system and storm water collection system.

This also includes implementing measures to ensure regulatory compliance with all state and federal EPA requirements for drinking water distribution systems, sanitary collection systems and storm water collection systems.

There are currently 135 employees in the Division of Water Utility Field Operations who are responsible for the approximately 800 miles of water mains,  765 miles of sanitary sewer mains, 400 miles of storm sewer mains as well as 28 wastewater and storm pumping stations that service our customers. Employees from the Water Distribution Bureau and the Sewer Maintenance Bureau have been cross-training to support each other since the merging of the two divisions.