Rules and Regulations

These Rules and Regulations of the Department of Water, including the water and sewer tariff rates, are established under authorities set forth in the Code of General Ordinances of the City of Dayton. Nothing contained in these Rules and Regulations shall be construed so as to interfere with the duties and powers of the Director of Water as set forth in R.C.G.O. 50.42. Portions of the Rules and Regulations relating to water and sewer service revenue collections are administered by the Division of Revenue and Taxation of the Department of Finance.

Rules and Regulations Documents - By Section

Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

Fee for Unauthorized Use$250 first time/$500 for each subsequent occurrence
  • Street Valve operation
  • Curb Stop operation
  • Public or private fire hydrant use
  • Meter bypass valve operation
  • Meter tampering
  • Water theft
2.B.4, 2.D.1, 2.F.7, 2.G.1, 2.J.5, 2.K.1, 6.I.1, 6.N.2
Customer Service Fee$55
  • Curb box repair
  • Curb stop operation
  • Low pressure investigation
  • Service activation
  • Meter re-test charge
2.D.3, 2.D.5, 2.D.6, 2.E.2, 2.E.7
Delinquent Shut Off Charge$30Per trip charge2.J.5
Resume Service fee$15Clerical fee2.E.2
Special Meter Read Fee$10
  • Special meter read as requested
  • Private meter reads
  • Fireline meter reads
2.E.6, 2.E.12, 2.F.3
Backflow Recertification Late Fee$150
Fireline Service Fee
Quarterly charges2.F
2" - 3"$10

4" - 6"$50

8" - 10"$75

12" & larger$100

Private fire hydrant$5Quarterly charges2.F.7
Fire Hydrant permitted uses

Fire hydrant flow test$100Per test, may involve 2 hydrants2.G.2
Swimming pool filling$190Up to 20,000 gallons2.G.2

$29020 to 50,000 gallons

$37050 to 75,000 gallons

Call Water EngineeringOver 75,000 gallons
Fire hydrant meter feeA 5/8" hydrant meter is $5.00 permit fee + $200.00 deposit
Consumption charged at current water rate2.G.3

A 3" hydrant meter is $80.00 permit fee + $1,200.00 deposit

Fire hydrant relocation fee$30Per additional hydrant where he meter is used2.G.3
Meter Set Fees

5/8" to 1"$55

1.5" to 2"$220

3" to 6"$450

8" & 10"$475

Meter Test Fees
Refunded if meter fails test2.E.7
5/8" to 1"$100

1.5" to 2"$275

3" & larger$525

Service Termination Fee$1500
Conservation Violation Fee$250
Residential customer
Non-residential customer
Damaged Transmitter Fee$88

Bad Check Fee$25