Request Water Trailer/Tap for Event

The City of Dayton Department of Water can support your event in going waste free!

Fill out the form below to request the water trailer or water tap at your event in the city of Dayton.

Water Trailer/Tap Request Form

Water Trailer: For groups of 500+, where this is no water spigot hook-up. Trailer must be parked on a hard surface and must be plugged into electric or on a generator at all times. Dimensions: 7ft. x 12ft. Holds 500 gallons of refrigerated tap water. 4 spigots on each side.

trailer photo

Water Tap: Requires water spigot hook-up, outside use only. Must be tested 3 days prior to use, water source (spigot) cannot be used between testing and event. Dimensions: 37.5” W X 49” H X 31.5” L

tap photo